Yes, Count Your Gardening Activities As Exercise

At this moment, the fact is understood now that spending more time in nature directly promotes physical and mental well-being.

At this moment, the fact is understood now that spending more time in nature directly promotes physical and mental well-being. Gardening is considered a super healthy habit but do you know how healthy it is? Is spending time in the garden is equivalent to spending time at the gym? In this blog, you will come across the way how you can make your gardening sessions an exercise for your mind and body.

This is the good news for those who love to spend hours planting and weeding, as they can burn the same number of calories as you would at the gym. Raking, mowing, and digging are specifically effective for burning calories. With the calorie benefit, it also helps to improve dexterity and strength, aerobic endurance, muscle mass, and functional movement. You can enhance your bone density by digging in the dirt.

According to Gary L. Altman, M.S., CRC, HTR and associate director of the Horticultural Therapy Program at Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, gardening includes all four kinds of exercise: balance, strength, flexibility, and esurience that can be much more vigorous than you realize. He also said that “Gardening should be thought of as a whole-body exercise that works all of the major muscle groups including legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, neck, arms, and shoulders,”

How To Make Your Gardening More Enthusiastic

As per Jaffrey Restuccio, author of two books to consider things in mind when it comes to approaching gardening as physical activity, “Gardening, the wrong way, as exercise can cause muscle soreness, back pain and is inefficient and not effective as an exercise program,” he says. Your every addition in the gardening activity allows you to have a more effective way to get moving. Let’s discuss a few of the favorite ideas to make your gardening more vigorous:

Enhance Your Range Of Motion

This is a significant technique taken from the martial arts also as weight training.  You will need to increase your range of motion as broad as possible when raking or hand weeding by boosting the sweep or arc from your starting position to your ending one. Put some consistent effort to increase that stretch, caloric expenditure, and the muscles used.

Learn The “Lunge And Weed.”

The idea of coming up with the lunge and weed stance ideas after realizing people at the gym doing with the correct movements is great while gardening.  You need a tool with a long handle that is required for this one as you can dig in the dirt that will help you to perform this exercise appropriately.

Use Large Muscles Whenever Possible.

Always try to engage the largest muscles of your body when gardening like the torso, buttocks, and quadriceps. It will help you to burn more calories and feel less sore the next day.

Don’t Forget To Balance Everything Out.

At the time of gardening, pull one arm as the other moves out as you are curling dumbbells. This posture will help you to gain balance in the muscle used, raise your heart rate and increase your power.

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