What does artificial intelligence mean for the worker?

The enhancing trend of artificial intelligence brings the question that machines will force humans into obsolescence.

The enhancing trend of artificial intelligence brings the question that machines will force humans into obsolescence. But still according to some experts, artificial intelligence will automate millions of jobs in the future that will result in an enhanced unemployment rate whereas other experts see it as a serious problem. Indeed, the structure of the workforce is evolving but that does not mean that AI will replace the jobs. It helps us to have more leverage and knowledge based economy to generate better automation for a better lifestyle.

You may find it a bit theoretical, but your concern of replacing our jobs with AI tech and robots may be true for the white collar jobs like hedge fund managers, lawyers and business analysts. According to the research, 67% of the UK workers consider artificial intelligence as the technology that is playing well to make us better assistants at our workplace. Specifically, the intelligently controlled touchpad and voice commands will help to assign new tasks to machines. But there is still the belief of 64% of workers that computer scientists will not be able to replace jobs that require human social skills.

These findings are from the research of automatic trend index in which 1000 employees were considered to study the population from the institute of market research on behalf of automatic. President of the International Federation of Robotics, Junji Tsuda said, “Developments in AI mean we can expect robots to perform increasingly effectively as human assistants, Robots do not only understanding and answering questions as they do today, but also acting on voice commands and gestures, and even anticipating a worker’s next move in order to remove an obstacle from her path“.

Human-machine collaboration must meet the strict safety requirement. That is the reason that it takes more time to get to market than the software application that can be customized and tested in the simulated live setup. It is the priority of 74% of employees that the AI technology must be completely controlled by law so that it can be used securely.

It is expected that the AI machines will overtake the tasks to perform independently to enrich the workplace, according to 60% of the respondents. Therefore, there is still the misconception that the machine is unable to learn intelligently like human beings; well that is not the case in reality. We should be mindful that artificial intelligence is made for humans by humans, so maintaining the spirit is our responsibility.

Artificial intelligence will be a significant part of the upcoming future. You should be ready to see the new startups, consumer users and plenty of business applications with the transformation of certain jobs into entirely new ones. We are still unaware about the huge potential of artificial intelligence that can dramatically remake the economy. Therefore, according to the perspective of workers, artificial intelligence has a greater side of advancement but a darker side will end up with an increasing unemployment rate.

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