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Do you know that frameworks have become a crucial part of web development? The standard of web applications is enhancing so the complexity level of technology is also rising.

Do you know that frameworks have become a crucial part of web development? The standard of web applications is enhancing so the complexity level of technology is also rising. It is not a good idea to reinvent the wheel for such tools. It is important to have the frameworks that can be used by the developers of the entire world. A web application has two sides, the client-side and the server-side. The server side is known as the backend, the other one is known for the front end.

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Best Backend Frameworks

From MVC frameworks to Restful APIs, find the list of the most robust backend frameworks in this year that you might want to learn.

  1. Express

Express is one of the most trending frameworks for web development in 2021. It is famous amongst IBM, Uber, Accenture, and many other companies. It is compatible with other frameworks like Sails, Loopback and Kraken. Express prides itself on a fast and minimal framework. It provides the main functionalities without having any incomprehensible features of Node. Express supports complete applications as it is quite flexible. Maybe the major drawback of express

  1. Django

You may have heard the name of Django, which is the model view template framework. It uses python for web development; Django is used by big names like Instagram, YouTube, and Google. It shows its battery included feature, which is the package of features like messaging and authentication that Django possesses. Django prefers to follow convention over the DRY and configuration pattern as well. The aspect of security is crucial in Django as it provides the set of tools and techniques to develop a secure website. The implementation of the security feature is in Django itself such as preventing code execution in the template layer.

  1. Rails

Rails are one of the favorite frameworks of developers; it is the model view controller framework. Hulu, Shopify, Airbnb are the main users of Rails, it is considered as the user friendly. Beginners find it very helpful to use as the advantages and disadvantages are debated which allows the initiator to learn quickly. There are different useful gems for rails that allow you to develop the web application even more efficient and faster.

There are plenty of tutorials and screencasts available to become the rails expert within no time. The prime disadvantage of rails is that it takes little extra effort to deploy and run the web application in the production environment. But believe me; you will unravel the magic after you dive deeper into this framework.

  1. Laravel

It is also the model view controller framework that uses the most popular language of the web which is PHP. Indeed, this is new as compared to other frameworks in this list but it comes with API support. Laravel possesses a decent amount of packages that can extend the reach. Do not compare Laravel with express and Django as it might be a drawback for huge projects.



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