The Best Exercises to Try at Home

Hey! Are you also struggling to have a healthy lifestyle but unable to go to the gym due to a busy schedule? If yes, then we both are on the same boat.

Hey! Are you also struggling to have a healthy lifestyle but unable to go to the gym due to a busy schedule? If yes, then we both are on the same boat. Let me share with you some of the effective tips to manage a healthy workout routine at home. You should choose the convenient time you think for you from the entire day to dedicate it for the workout.

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Here is the list of some of the best exercises:


A well-rounded exercise routine is required to challenge your balance; you can do it by lunges. It helps to promote functional movement while enhancing the strength of the legs. Make sure to follow the right way to do lunges and complete 10 reps for 3 sets.


Pushups are one of the most effective and basic exercises to manage body weight. You are supposed to start it in a plank position, your core should be tight, pulled down and back and your neck neutral. Complete the 3 sets as many reps as possible for you.


It helps you to increase your lower body and core strength with flexibility in your lowered hips and back. These areas engage some of the largest muscles in the body that means they have the major punch in terms of calories burned. Begin with the position of standing straight with the feet slightly broader than the shoulder-width apart. And then follow the appropriate ways to manage.

Dumbbell Rows

This exercise helps you to make your back look killer in a beautiful dress. Also, it strengthens multiple muscles in your upper body. Select a moderate-weight dumbbell and make sure that you’re squeezing at the top of the movement. In the beginning, make sure to choose the relevant weight according to your body structure and requirement.


It is one of the most effective whole-body moves that helps great bang for your bunch for cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. Check out the YouTube videos of professional trainers to learn the correct way to do this exercise. If you do not know the correct way to do any exercise then it can bring drawbacks for your body.

Side Planks

One of the exercises that are considered the most difficult for me. Well, it’s my case, not necessarily going to be yours so do not worry. It helps your body to have a strong core at its foundation so you should not neglect core-specific moves like the side plank. Concentrate on the mind-muscle connection and control the movement to make sure that you are doing it perfectly.



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