I read a blog a few days back regarding the ambition of the human-based company and found it true to the maximum extent.

I read a blog a few days back regarding the ambition of the human-based company and found it true to the maximum extent. It was the story of the person who owned a private company named Vayner media. His agenda was to build a successful company to make the people thief  main asset. When someone used to ask him about his top priority so the reply appeared in a statement, “we are an HR driven company”. Means their main agenda was to enhance the healthy relationship with the people through preserving company culture.

The idea behind it was to make the great teams flourish the performance of the organization just like the teams in the sports. The entire team works hard to win the game. That is the power of synergy. Indeed, the media portrayals, movies, espresso bars, and snacks do not build a great corporate culture.  One cannot claim the satisfied corporate culture based on unlimited vacation days or open floor plans. The corporate cuthe of lture initiates from the top that is why the owner Vayner media used to say that he is the HR-driven CEO.

The internal culture of the company is the key to success, so being the CEO means you need to work as the head of HR also. Before caring about your employees as much as possible, that does not mean providing them exceptional health benefits and other perks is enough. It means then you should know each of your employees as individuals. The problem of most of the companies being unable to increase their bottom line is that their priority is to provide the same motivational drivers to all the employees, which is not the correct strategy.  Because not every employee is motivated by the health benefits and paycheck, so do not put every person in the same box.

So if you are on the top level of the company you must know the wants and needs of all of your employees as individuals.  You should know that the younger employees of your company are motivated by money whereas others want a work-life balance. To get the maximum productivity from each person you need to care about them according to their preference.

Are you wondering how to motivate your employees? The only way is to make strong interactions with them and gain the trust level so that they can share their real-life problems with you. It allows you to begin a beautiful relationship that can be initiated from the five minutes conversation to the long meetings in the conference room. It is amazing to know that a little communication can lead to a trustable relationship.

The main idea behind all the mentioned discussions is to create a great company culture. It helps you to bring awesome projects and accomplish them with the full potential of all the employees. Make sure that your staff is happy and excited about being part of your company by satisfying their needs and wants in any possible way.


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