Native App Development

If you are going on the journey of becoming a web application developer then you should have a clear understanding of native applications.
If you are going on the journey of becoming a web application developer then you should have a clear understanding of native applications. The native application is associated with the software programs that are developed to use for the specific platform in the gadget. Such applications are uilt to use on particular devices and their operating system. It can use device-specific hardware and software. Native applications are developed to take advantage of the advanced technology and are known for optimized performance.

Native application and platform

The term native app is associated with platforms like PC and Mac with examples such as Mail, contact, and photos applications that are configured and pre-installed on all the Apple computers. Therefore, the mobile native application is developed to work on the particular device platform different mobile OS platforms are google android and apple ios. Native applications are structured to be used for the specific device and its operating system. The native application is developed for the specific operating system that enables it to perform more flexibly and faster than the alternative application types. Developers need to make separate versions for each device type. For example, Facebook was initially written in HTML5 to use the same code for IOS. It was found slower for IOS users that led to come up with the new code for IOS.

Advantages and disadvantages of native application

The advantages of native application include:

  • Responsive and faster software performance
  • Wider functionalities because of using the capabilities of the underlying device
  • Thrust notification
  • The UI that have great matches with the user experience of OS
  • Better quality assurance from the ratings in an application store

The disadvantages of native application include:

  • Several codes due to each device have their version of the app
  • The cost of more developers to develop the code base for each platform
  • Time wastage on the development of particular platforms in every update

Difference between native and web apps

A web app is an application in which the users do not download but enjoy access through the browser through the internet. Examples of web browsers include Mozilla Firefox, safari, and google chrome. The web app provides greater functionality from the bank account access to youtube video viewing. The native apps are the one that is written to the specific device, the web applications can be written in CSS, HTML, and Javascript for standard use on different browsers. Web apps can be developed on the same code to use on different browsers. Web apps are easier to build as compared to native apps.

When it comes to the hybrid application, it works with an internet connection. These are based on the same navigational elements as web applications. The time taken to develop the hybrid application is lesser than the other so the cost is minimal on hybrid applications.
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