Let’s Introduce The World Of Robotics Technology

If you find robotics as the new subject then this spot is perfect for you. In this blog, we will explore the concept of robotics and its types.

If you find robotics as the new subject then this spot is perfect for you. In this blog, we will explore the concept of robotics and its types. Robotics is associated with the interdisciplinary area of science and engineering dedicated to the construction, design, and use of mechanical robots. Robotics refers to the technology that is used to produce machines known as robots that alternate human actions.

What Is A Robot?

As we discussed above, the robot is the product of the robots field in which programmable machines are developed that can help humans or mimic human actions. The main purpose behind building the robots was to handle monotonous tasks such as building cars on the assembly line. The activities like cleaning homes, fighting fires, and assisting with other human tasks were the main idea behind robots but their jobs have been raised to incredibly intricate surgeries.

With the progress of technology, the scope of robotics is increasing. In this current moment, you will find the more expanded definition of robotics that involves the creation, development, and utilization of bots.

Types of Robots

Mechanical bots appear in all sizes and shapes to appropriately carry out the task for which they are developed. All robots changes in functionality, design, and degree of autonomy. From the 0.2mm to the long one like 200-meter long robotic shipping vessel robots are having tasks that human simply is unable to perform. Let’s discuss some of the types of robots:

1) Pre-Programmed Robots

These kinds of robots work in a controlled atmosphere where they do monotonous and simple tasks. An example can be the mechanical arm of an automotive assembly line. The arm contains the single function to insert a certain part into the engine, to weld a door on, and so on. The main job is to perform this task for a longer period more effectively and efficiently.

2) Humanoid Robots

As the name predicts, humanoid robots are more likely to mimic human behavior. These robots normally perform human like activities like jumping, carrying objects, and running. These are designed to look like humans even with the face and expression. The two noticeable examples include Boston dynamic atlas and hanson robotics Sophia.

3) Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robots can operate independently, are specifically designed to carry out tasks in an open atmosphere that do not need human supervision. These are quite rare because of the usage of sensors to perceive the world in their surroundings. The decision-making structure is also used to take the optimal next step based on their goal and data. The example appears as a Roomba vacuum cleaner that uses sensors to roam freely in the entire home.

Therefore the software robot is the other type of computer program which carries out activities autonomously like web crawler and chatbot. So if you think that software robots are considered part of robotics then this is not the case. The device must have the physical form to appear like a robot.

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