Worldwide Jobs Recovery Postponed By Pandemic Uncertainty, Omicron, ILO Says

The Worldwide jobs recovery market is expected to take longer to recover than earlier thought, with joblessness set to remain above pre covid 19 levels till at least 2023 because of uncertainty regarding the course and duration of the pandemic, said to an international labor organization.

The U.N. agency forecasts the corresponding of about 52 million fewer jobs in 2022 compared with pre-COVID levels, which quantity to as regards twice its previous estimate from June 2021.

distractions are set to carry on into 2023 when jobs are expected to be around 27 million fewer jobs, said there is a warning for the recovery phase as “slow and uncertain” in its world employment and social report for 2022.

“The global labor market outlook has deteriorated since the ILO’s last projections; a return to pre-pandemic performance is likely to remain elusive for much of the world over the coming years,” the report said.

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Told by director-general Guy Ryder that there were unlimited factors behind its revisions, additionally said the “primary one is the continuing pandemic and its variants, notably Omicron.”

According to the report, The velocity of recovery fluctuates across regions, with the European and North American regions screening the most cheering symbols and South America and Southeast Asia lags.

Still, the predictable deficits in working hours this year signify a development over the past two years. In 2021, it was estimated by ILO that there were 125 million greater jobs than the previous year’s performance label in 2020 which was about 258 million fewer.

Generally, about 207 million people are predicted to be unemployed in 2022. Though the impact would be considerably larger for worldwide jobs recovery since many people have left the labor force and have yet to return, the report said

Most of these numbers are women, mostly because they have been drawn into unpaid work at home like caring for sick family members or teaching children because of school closures.

The report also forecasted that the inconsistent effect of the pandemic specifically on women’s employment would minimize in the coming years but an ample gap still is there.

“There are some anecdotal indications that they are not coming back in the same numbers and the same portions as men are doing which would lead to concerns that a ‘Long COVID’ effect on gender at work would be a negative one,” says Ryder.

Employees who are no longer part of the workforce now have done so voluntarily being a part of a phenomenon some economists call  “the great resignation”. Ryder shared. It came to be more well-known in terms of the economy like caregiving and health.

“We do need to look again and to invest further in those areas of economic activity,” he additionally said in the end for worldwide jobs recovery.

Ali Got His Dreamt Solution From OSL

Starting a business can never be easier, there are numerous elements where entrepreneurs got stocked and need supervision or expert advice to move on. This is the story of Ali and how he found his dream solution; he just stepped into the business world but is completely inexperienced and unaware of the real-life business. Well, he just learned from his bachelor’s degree in business and business from his surroundings.

Challenges Can Make You Weaker

Initially, he came across loads of challenges and lost his motivation to continue his business. One of his friends suggested him take the best business consultancy service to get the best guide. Well, he chose us, OSL to guide him about his business operations. We took this opportunity to look closely at his nature of business.  We found out that Ali is unclear about the right type of business to invest in, as he is just mixing the different types of business under one roof.  It was his major headache, one of our consultants conducted the personal session to discuss the business operations.

OSL Gave Ali’s Dream Solution

The first considerations of our consultant were about many things like; what to produce (products), Where to produce (Location), what the strategies to produce are and who you are producing for (Customer base). All these elements will ultimately determine the success of the business in the long run.  We gave him rich guidance based on expert advice so he can be clear about his business operations.

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Right Decision At Right Time

We know that the right business in the appropriate place is always the best place to kick things off. As it is inappropriate to sell light clothes in winter and expect the business to succeed. Selling meat in an area where a large number of vegetarians live will not attract customers. One needs to take out time to decide what dream solution for business you plan to go into. If you are planning to enter the highly competitive market then you need to bring something unique that attracts your business.

India Says It Has Bighearted Coal Stocks For The Power Sector

NEW DELHI, Oct 10 (Reuters) – According to a ministry statement, India has plenty of bighearted coal stocks to meet power sector demand but after a day, Delhi Chief Minister said a shortage of the fuel meant the Indian capital could face a power crisis.

The ministry statement said, State-run Coal India Ltd (COAL.NS) is using its 40 million ton stocks to restock utilities, which together have 7.2 million tons of inventories, equivalent to four days’ requirements.

A need for bighearted coal stocks has caused a supply shortage in some eastern and northern states, with the populace in the regions experiencing power cuts stretching to up to two weeks a day.

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Monsoon rains exaggerated coal supplies to power plants and high global prices shortened generation by utilities that depend on imported coal, the ministry said.

In a different statement, the power ministry said bighearted coal stocks supplies to power utilities on Saturday increased to 1.92 million tons, while spending was 1.87 million tons.

It said the stages of coal stocks held by power companies will increase as Coal India is ramping up the supplies.

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Differences between OSL And Bain & Company

Are you one of the fans of Bain & company? You should be, as they are following the best business strategies to boost their every area of work. If you see the osl vs bain and company but when it comes to the OSL, you would not find less, this is true that we are new in the market but we are coping up with the best strategies in the business world. In this article, we will come across the discussion of how popular consulting firms such as Mckinsey compare to the OSL.

Recruitment In Osl Vs Bain And Company

It is worth noting that we believe in the recruitment of less quantity and more quality employees. Whereas McKinsey has currently 27000 employees, it clearly shows the difference between both of the company’s recruitment policies.  Mckinsey needs to hire a huge number of people to sustain their size whereas osl does not need to hire people more often because they believe to provide quality with less staff.

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Services They Cater

Most of the work done by Mckinsey and OSL is done for their clients is mainly on the big strategic questions like marketing, digital, general strategy, and M&A issues as these are C-suite level issues. Mckinsey does not offer services in the area of tax, audit, assurance, and other accounting services whereas you can have all of these under the single roof of OSL. Both companies normally prefer to have long-term relationships with their clients as they both want to be specialized in their careers.

Career In Osl Vs Bain And Company

If you want to begin your career in these companies, you can expect a faster progression than the other companies in the market. You may be feeling inspired to apply to these consulting firms, if you want to apply for any position you should keep in mind that OSL and Bain both receive thousands of application every year. So start working on your profile and present yourself to get the best chance of being offered a position

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Types Of Business Processes

Customer Service Have A Huge Impact On Your Bottom Line
Sales are a fundamental and primary kind of business process. The next one is customer service. After making the sales, Customer service impact is an essential part that brings back in the team. It helps in managing the situation when customers have important information regarding the product or service for support with the technicalities of the goods. Better customer service can retain customers and also brings back lost customers.
What Is Customer Service
Customer service is the supper that is offered to the customers. It includes before and after they purchase and use your product and services. Customer service impact leads to have an enjoyable and easy experience with clients. It is important to offer amazing customer service if you want to sustain customers and boost your business. Currently, customer service is far beyond the traditional telephone system agent.
Improve Your Customer Service Impact
There are different mediums available to connect with your customers such as web, social media, text message, and email. Several companies are providing self-service support too so that customers can have their queries answered on time.
If you are wondering how we can help you with our amazing Customer service impact for the success of your business, then the upcoming part is for you. The time has gone when companies used to choose companies based on their product, price, and offered services. Today customers select any company based on their overall experience.
“89% of companies now expect to compete mostly based on customer experience.”
Customer service impact brings an amazing customer experience, especially when your customer support team performs beyond just handling the problems and predicting customer problems. Our support experts are empowered to go above and beyond with customers or facilitate with the best desk solution that facilitates it easy for them to cross-sell or upsell relevant service, they can make the winning experience that allows you to stand out from the competition.
Boost The Bottom Line
We know that customer service has a huge impact on the bottom line of the company. That is why we follow the best tricks like focusing more on keeping the existing customers rather than finding the new ones as it is estimated that acquiring customers costs 6–7x more. But remember, customer service is the prime churn for this. We know how to keep engaging the existing customers with your business and acquire new ones for loyal relationships.
If you want to have amazing customer support services then choose none other than OSL, we provide the best services within no time.

Osl Prioritize Loyalty in Businesses

It is true that when you get involved in the business, you become closer with the people. Whether you want to or not, you need to trust your companions for business affairs that can be considered Loyalty in business. This is the story of one of our valuable clients, Ahmed. He was doing his business successfully with his best friend, Umer. It was the partnership business of groceries. One day, they both were sitting and making strategies for plans like how they should improvise their business operations and all.
Ahmed Found Umer’s Disloyalty
During the discussion, Ahmed asked a favor from Umer that he needed some money for his problems so that he could give him some time. He always helped Umer in his difficult time and was expecting the same from his friend. He always remained loyal to him and it was the first time that he asked for help from Umer. When Ahmed expressed his problem, Umer replied that he does not trust him and if Ahmed wants any financial help then he can withdraw the share of his investment from his business partnership.
Loyalty In Business Is Significant
It seemed a shock for Ahmed, as he never thought about Umer like that. He forgot that as with everything else in life, for every partner is an enemy, and for every good bond of loyalty is an undesirable circumstance of betrayal. It was a bad surprise for Ahmed and thought about how easily Umer forgot his loyalty and friendship in his hard times. Loyalty in business was not a typical business problem but a conflict between partners when Ahmed contacted one of our customer care officers.
OSL Facilitated Him With The Best Services
We provided him consultation related to his issue, indeed these experiences are difficult but these things make young entrepreneurs more fearless and successful. At that moment Ahmed lost all the trust in his friend so it was difficult for Ahmed to continue the business deal with Umer. We suggested he dissolve the partnership and start a new business as a sole proprietor; only then his invested efforts on business can benefit him.
In The Nutshell
Soon Ahmed did the same; he dissolved the partnership with Umer and started his own business. He only involved the people he trusts with him in his business activities so he has less chance to face betrayals from partners. After less than a year, he observed a boom in his business because of his loyal efforts and honest nature with all his colleagues. We facilitate our clients with sincere advice and suggestions to our valuable clients. If you want to enhance your business operations then get connected with us now without any delay!

Should You Choose The Boston Consulting Group Or Objectual Systems Limited?

No matter at what place you are in the world. You may need a good management consultancy company for any aspect of your life. If you have reached that point in your business then this article is for you. There are plenty of management consultancy grownups you can find on Google, but choosing the best for you is challenging. In this blog, you will come across two of the main consultancy groups of the world, The Boston Consulting Group and Objectual systems limited.
Are OSL and Boston Consulting Group all that different? Having experience at both BCG and OSL, I have come across many times the question: What is different about BCG and OSL?
Indeed, these are both unbelievable firms that are high-performance workplaces. Find some similarities mentioned below:
. Incredibly inquiring and zealous people
. Interesting work, but also grueling work sometimes
. People-first, sympathetic cultures
. Astonishing leaders
. Well-built worldwide teams
. Immense benefits
. Instant, high-performance pace
. Effective problem-solving approach
Now to look at the differences, If you are supposed to compare the two companies in short:
BCG is passionate about both unique thinking and establishing an unbelievable firm. We don’t find another example of an organization that comes close to effectively thinking about structuring a long-lasting, strong, and high-performance culture.
OSL is extremely paying attention to delivering characteristic answers and partnering with clients to allow customers to deliver high performance. Office culture can diverge from region to region, but the group is closely associated with a people-first approach to establishing a great company.
BCG Versus OSL: Both Successful Firms
Comparing BCG to OSL is more towards comparing Michael Jordan and Lebrun James.  Both are implausible but are very dissimilar.
If you look at ratings from current and former employees on Glassdoor, both OSL and BCG are continuously among the top management consultancy groups.
Boston Consulting Group does not like to feel huge
According to the employee having experience of working in BCG, I realized the focus of BCG is more towards the quality side rather than the quantity that is why they do not believe to have large teams, instead of the skilled ones. On the other hand, OSL considers more employees as a strength. Indeed, OSL and BCG both are growing well but OSL is following some kind of different principles like having huge workplaces with lots of staff is one of the main priorities of OSL. So if you are looking to have professional expertise at your workplace, then consider both of them more deeply. I would recommend going for OSL as they are more cost-effective and easily accessible worldwide.

Difficult To Consider Bitcoins, Cryptos As Money: IMF Chief

It has been said by Georgieva: “In the history of money, it is difficult to think of them as money” also he added “De-facto assets” like Bitcoin are not backed by assets that hold their value stable and can rise and fall sharply.”

Since its inception in a 2008 whitepaper, bitcoin has created controversy and news. Its influencers herald the launch of cryptocurrency as the advent of the latest and equitable monetary system. Governments around the globe are keeping an eye on the bitcoin advance warily. Some such as EL Salvador, have established it as currency. But most of the economies, including the US, refuse to recognize it as legal tender. Currently, the government seems to face challenges due to the presence of bitcoin because it cannot be regulated.
The head of the IMF said, “Medium-term fiscal consolidation and growth will put Europe on a sound footing to avoid another sovereign debt crisis despite rising debt levels caused by the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, talking remotely to an event hosted by Bocconi University in Italy, said she regards it as difficult to consider bitcoin and other cryptos as money, as digital currencies backed by central banks to be the most trustable form of digital money.
Georgieva said that Europe was fit to stay away from dissimilar debt crises like the one faced by Greece in the consequences of the financial crisis of 2007-08 globally.

But she said states would have to consider carefully how to transform course to medium-term fiscal consolidation to remove the augmented pandemic-related debt load.

Georgieva said that 110 countries among the IMF membership are at some stage of looking into central bank digital currencies, and a key challenge was how to guarantee interoperability of digital currencies.
“De-facto assets” like Bitcoin are not reversed by assets that grasp their value stable and can rise and fall sharply, Georgieva said, adding: “In the history of money, it is tricky to consider them as money.”

It is “very remarkable how much the international group of people, the central banks, organizations like ours are now actively engaged to ensure that in this fast-moving world of digitalization, money is a source of confidence and facilitates the economy function rather than (being) a risk.”

Best ways to create an effective sales process

It is important to keep sales flowing by constantly pushing for better salespeople, better marketing, and business processes. This is the rule that all companies require consistent growth. But producing more sales is the single part of the equation. While sales effectiveness enhances conversions, there is a different component that company owners usually leave by the wayside: sales efficiency.

In this blog, you will walk through the different ways to improve sales efficiency as it is critical to your business. Let’s dive into the discussion:

 Put Business Goals and KPIs

Do not forget that the first and main step in laying out your sales efficiency game plan is to be super clear regarding your goals and how you are going to achieve them. We mainly recommend using the SMART goals model to set realistic and measurable goals. Once you have a clear understanding of the goals and KPIs to measure success then you can avoid the irrelevant elements in your life.

Recognize Your Ideal Customer

Establishing a profile of your ideal customer will enhance your close rate importantly. Because it is the best way to move a prospect to purchase is by addressing all of their needs and wants. There are different sales intelligence tools available to pull data from various data points to ensure that you are going after the correct prospects that are excited and ready to learn regarding your offering.

Establishing your ideal customer avatar comprised of three main components:

. WHO they are (demographics)
. WHERE they are (location)
. WHAT they want (pain points and needs)

Make a Repeatable Sales Process

To make your sales team more efficient then you need to train a consistent and repeatable sales process. Make sure to have a guide for qualifying leads, selling at the correct time, collaboration with the other team members, and other essential sales tasks to facilitate better and faster work.

The key steps in a sales process are:

. Preparation & Research
. Prospecting
. Needs Assessment
. Pitch & Presentation
. Objection Handling
. Closing
. Follow-Up

 Describe Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Sales Activities

Indeed, you can control the sales activities but if you do it timely, like daily, weekly, and every month to enhance results. Different examples include:

. Contacting new prospects
. Appealing with customers
. Pitching your solution
. Following-up
. Making awareness of what you have to offer
. Conveying territories
. Route planning

Being immersed in your key sales activities gives full visibility into sales productivity and entire sales performance, facilitating managers to create a more efficient and effective sales process.

Personal finance challenges with solutions

No matter what business you are in. challenges are everywhere, this is the store of a nick that is running the grocery store in the small town of Africa. He got advice plenty of times to transform his business into an e-commerce platform but he never took it seriously. And there is no problem in this fact that Nick is ignoring this advice because it is human nature that we are anxious by people we do not know. Last year, Nick got into a problematic situation when he faced a severe financial crisis. He is not a native citizen of Africa so he had different fears while continuing his business like blending into their culture, transportation system, country’s language, the possibility of making friends, governance, public welfare system, etc.

Nick discussed his problem with one of his best friends, john. John took this situation very seriously and asked Nick, “What is the missing factor here? He answered, RESEARCH.  To determine the answers to all the queries, Nick just needs to take out some time to do research. John explained to his friend that in the old times, people did not have the opportunity to use the convenience of Google maps and GPS that seemed impossible in traditional ways to overcome the fear of the unknown.

After doing some research, Nick found us. We at shopifyNinja transform small businesses into successful eCommerce platforms. Our customer care assistant consoled him and asked him how he can transform his small business into an online store to boost his sales and deal with the financial crisis he is facing currently. When he understood the idea and advantages behind it, he asked us to make the online store.
Our professionals provided him with his desired store within a week and helped him to manage this platform with amazing techniques. Soon, within 3 months he realized the boost in his sales, and overall business. That is how he resolved the personal finance issues without asking anyone for money and established his business in a strong manner. If you are facing such issues in your life then get connected with us now without any delay as we are here to facilitate you with the best.