11 Different Types Of Business Consultants

Hey, if you are looking for a professional management business consultancy then you are at the perfect spot. We would love your company to be brought to the next level. But it’s not much easier than typing into Google “types of business consultants”.

Hey, if you are looking for a professional management business consultancy then you are at the perfect spot. We would love your company to be brought to the next level. But it’s not much easier than typing into Google “types of business consultants”. There are many types of business consultants out there and based on what you are required to do, you must want someone who has the appropriate skill set to get you where you want to be. You want to have experts to deal with your particular concerns.

In this blog, you will come across incredible types of business consultants, each one of them servicing their unique niche in the area of business management.

1.    Business Policy Consultants

Are you looking for a consultant who can look after your business strategies and provide you with expert advice on your direction? Then you should search for general business consultant types of business consultants. A business strategy consultant facilitates you with the development of long-term vision and business strategy, offers advice on the allocation of resources when entering a foreign or completely new market, and so on. But make sure that the strategy consultant has relevant experience in the same sector and areas like your business.

2.    Financial Advisory Consultants

Making the most informed financial decision is the basic need of any business, even though there are unlimited variables to account for. Financial advisory types of business consultants are experts to facilitate you with guidance regarding transaction services, corporate finance, risk management, litigation, real estate, and restructuring. You can hire a financial advisory consultant to diminish your tax bill, recognize investment opportunities and enhance cash flow that is the high return and low risk.

3.    Operations Consultants

An operation business consultant is here to facilitate you with advice on different things such as outsourcing, procurement, process management, and supply chain. If you want to enhance efficiency, improve quality and decrease costs then this is a top-class solution for you. These types of business consultants are usually recruiters when there is a requirement of a change management net, economic downturn, and introduction of new technology’s rolling out.

4.    HR Consultants


Want to have successful management of employees? Hey, HR consultant is here for you to keep your business flourishing in the long term. An HR consultant is required when the business is in a struggling phase with aspects of human resources like employee satisfaction, employee benefits, training and development, and pensions.

An HR consultant is a type of business consultant who will also work on existing policies and procedures according to the appropriate laws and regulations. Then it guides you regarding the best execution of Hr policies, regardless of whether you need training sessions or now, and how to enhance employee satisfaction.

5.    Risk And Compliance Consultants

Occasionally, a business nature demands excessive laws, standards, regulations, and ethics to follow. A risk and compliance business consultant is a type of types of business consultant expert to prevent abuse, discrimination, and fraud and works to least the risks of lawsuits and fines. They may develop or revise the compliance program, facilitate recognition of a business or industry-specific risks and incorporate new policies and programs. If you are struggling with these things in your business then you should search for a good profile of risk and compliance consultant.

6.    IT Consultants

When it comes to the IT consultants, it becomes very specific to the companies searching for support with things such as software management, data analytics, and enterprise architecture and systems integration. It’s not the same as a general management consulting, and IT consultants mainly focus on how new technologies may be able to facilitate a company’s goals, how to incorporate changes to enhance productivity and how to optimize your existing IT setup.

7.    Environmental Business Consultants

Companies working with products and services that influence the environment need to have an environmental business consultant in this field. You may not find this type of business consultant very easily as only some business consultants specialize in the environment. This specific type of business consultant will observe the proposed plan’s impact on the atmosphere, make sure your company is in compliance with all appropriate environmental laws and regulations, and how unenthusiastic the environment can be decreased or used.

8.    Sales Consultants

Sales have the power of life and death in every business. A sales business consultant is the type of business consultant that is much higher in demand as they focus on training salespeople,  seeking to enhance the existing sales process, advising on sales workflow and sales management team strategies, recognizing new opportunities and the ways to leverage them and rewarding your sales team to break their past output. If you are facing difficulty with sales in your business then hire a business consultant who is specialized in sales exactly you want to have.

9.    Marketing Consultants

One of the most popular types of business consultants is marketing. All the companies want to know how to attract, transform and retain the utmost number of customers possible. A marketing consultant focuses on content marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, TV advertising, and the value of print and other various marketing opportunities available for your business.

A good marketing consultant can recognize what marketing channels are profitable for your business to promote, customer acquisition, advice on enhancing conversions, and more.

10.    Social Media Consultants

Currently, they are considered more inexpensive business consultants. Social media is the type of business consultant that occasionally fits under the domain of marketing consultant but in some cases, social media is a separate thing. A social media consultant will allow you to determine which channels can offer the best ROI for your business, strategize a successful social media campaign, and what kind of content you should be posting on social media.

11.    Career Coaching Consultants

Normally, a company recruits a career coaching consultant to help employees in recognizing skills to establish, assess their approach to performance, and find their ambition. Whereas it’s rare for an average business to recruit a financial service corporation, career coaching consultant, and some other types of business consultants to help employees establish, enhance internal competition, and facilitate providing particular employees with the special skills to accomplish their goals.

Business Consultant FAQS

How many fees should I expect to pay business consultants?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average charge of management consultants is about $150,000 per year (or $62.93 per hour). But yes, consulting charges are normally a bit higher to deal with the business expenses. Not all consultants charge by the hour. There are other popular fee methods and percentage-based payments that favor them:

  • Hourly – 27.3%
  • Per project – 34.2%
  • Monthly retainer – 15.1%
  • Daily rate – 14.1%
  • Other – 9.3%

43% of consultants cost for each project about $5,000, although several make for each project on average $100,000. Observably, the scope, size, and length of the projects can vary the entire cost. According to the study,

Business consultants are an extensive expense, but the planning and feedback of different types of business consultants facilitate your business with increasing sales and boosting profit while removing issues and recognizing opportunities to ensure future success.

How do you compute the ROI of a business consultant?

If you want to calculate the ROI then you can do it by focusing on some prime metrics to find the worth of the consultancy service. Many companies look at their bottom line in the quarter before the recruitment of the business consultant and then see the difference in the net profit after the execution of the consultant’s recommendation for the next quarter or after the next one. You should minus the cost of the consultancy before the calculation of ROI.

Well, return on investment is one of the most significant parts of recruitment for a business consultant. You certainly expect to see an established ROI for the project if you are paying upward of $5000 to the consultant. Good profiles of consultants should present their former ROI data to the new clients.

27% of surveyed businesses chose not to recruit a consultant due to the consultant could not reveal ROI, According to the Predictive Index. This is the key reason for businesses not opting for consultancy services and it comes on the consultant to use huge data to pursue past ROI.

What is the correct time to hire a business consultant?

Business consultants are not the products that treat the same problem all the time. You will require evaluating your firm in different key areas to understand the needs of your business. Some of these areas of types of business consultants are mentioned:

  • Operations
  • Compliance and regulations
  • Human resources
  • Business strategy
  • Financial planning

Bottom Line

If you are having problems with any of these areas it is a good idea to get immediate business consultancy services. Do not forget that there are different types of business consultants as discussed in this blog so you should only seek services from an expert in the industry. For example, do not recruit operations specialists If your business is lacking on the finance side.

If your business is observing any decrease in the net profit that is due to unidentifiable reasons then it could be the other sign that your business needs to hire a business consultant who can pinpoint potential reasons for the diminish and implement ways to treat them.

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